My family would like to truly thank Kenneth and Mo from Underground Recruit.  These two have helped us in so many ways through our son Trevors recruiting process.  We first met them while attending a Blue/Grey All American Combine in Dallas.  Right away they starting answering our questions and showing interest in Trevor.  Before the first weekend was over I felt like we had met two people that really understood the recruiting process and also liked working with young atheletes.  They were so positive about his future in playing college football.  They emailed and talked to many colleges through out his senior year.   Kenneth and Mo helped us find the perfect college that best suited Trevor.  They were always there to answer questions and keep us informed.   Our son Trevor will be starting out playing for a Junior College and we are very excited.  Kenneth and Mo have already started working on the next step and his future plans.  I feel very confident knowing that they will be there to help again when the time comes.  THANK YOU AGAIN GUYS.  YOU ARE GREAT!

ATHLETE:  Class of 2015 DL Trevor Keener of Mineola HS (TX) committed to Tyler JC


I would recommend UGR to anyone that is interested in learning more about recruiting and what it takes for your child to get ready for the next step.  Kenneth and Monica are very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have.  They have the wisdom of the business and I felt as though I could trust them from day one.  My son, Kaleb, always had the dream to play football beyond high school, just as every little boy does, and I feel that Kenneth gave him that extra trust in himself that he needed.  Kaleb has always been able to excel in football but when he started getting phone calls from all over the state it pumped him up and he knew that his dream to play college ball was getting closer.  That dream has come true and he signed with Angelo State University to begin this Fall.  So here is a shout out to UGR, Kenneth and Monica, THANK YOU for all you did for us and hopefully we’ll see you when Kaleb goes PRO!!!!     Lisa Carroll

ATHLETE:  Class of 2015 DL Kaleb Carroll of Miles HS (TX) committed to Angelo State


I wanted to thank The Underground Recruit!  Monica and Kenneth Grover has helped me and my family through the recruiting process.  They were informative and broke down each part of the process to make an easy transition from high school to college.  They truly care and I’m glad we met.  My son has signed with their help!  Thank you again!  I recommend parents to give The Underground Recruit a shot!              

ATHLETE:  Class of 2014 DB Jamal Jones of Creekview HS (TX) committed to Trinity Valley CC


… The whole recruiting process is political.  I’ve learned so much this year after going through this process with my kid.  We hired The Underground Recruit to help our son, otherwise we would have been lost.  It’s a long process and you must put in work as a parent.  My son attends a school with a great coaching staff and I must say that also put in work for my son.  Every school doesn’t have coaches helping these kids and that’s disappointing.  You wonder why some kids don’t get recruited this is why.  So this is where you as a parent have to step in.  But, you can also hire a recruiting firm to help you.  We hit them from 3 ways-coaches, recruiting firm and me personally.  It paid off!  All we asked my son to do was play his heart out and maintain his grades.  He’s going to play at Tech and this kid didn’t even play his sophomore/junior year.  Parents stay at it.  It will pay off in the end.  You got to put in work for your kid.  You can also contact The Underground Recruit for assistance.  Just sharing my knowledge.  ATHLETE:  Class of 2014 DB Kisean Allen of Mesquite Poteet HS (TX) committed to Texas Tech


UGR-An “No Brainer”

The college football  recruiting process is literally a team effort. Coming into my son Marshalls senior year, we were assured by his high school coach that he would take care of film and the recruiting process. We did not hire a recruiting service and frankly, I did not want to be “one of those Dad’s” so I stayed out of the process altogether. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside his and our control, the coach was terminated and we were left flatfooted near the end of his season. Around November, we were referred to a service that was fairly expensive and simply put his HUDL film on their own format. It was too little, too late. By this time, all the D-I offers had been made and schools were already moving on to the next recruiting class of athletes. On national signing day, it was very disappointing to watch kids with far less potential than Marshall sign on with major college programs. This was my wake-up call and it was then that I committed to my son that I would take over and help. I reached out to the folks at Blue-Grey and was referred to The Underground Recruit (UGR). By this time I had already paid thousands to several services, none with much success, so I was skeptical to shell out much more money. But after a cordial conversation with Kenneth Grover and learning about their process and philosophy, enlisting UGR was a “no-brainer”. Kenneth and Monica quickly got to work sizing up my son’s academics, shaping up the gamefilm and packaging Marshall to catch the eye of schools he wanted to attend. It worked. Almost immediately Marshall received his first D-I scholarship offer from Air Force Academy with other programs also taking interest. He was then contacted by Miami (“The U”) who was in need of O-Linemen and we took a trip there and had a phenomenal experience. UGR had a resource, Coach William Neloms, in South Florida that helped make that happen. Then Penn State made contact expressing a need similar to Miami for O-linemen. We went from having interest from only D-II or D-III schools to having strong interest from major college football powerhouses and I can honestly attribute this turnaround to the good work of Kenneth and Monica of UGR. They both went “above and beyond” to make things happen for Marshall and I can’t thank them enough.  I often wonder what would have happened if I had found them earlier.

So, my advice to parents entering into this recruiting process is simple and can be summed up in 3 suggestions:

  1. Get started early. Senior year is too late (I now know). You have to get this process seriously started no later than his junior year.
  2. Get involved as a parent. Your kid is being recruited, not you. But don’t make the mistake I did and rely on your coaches to do it for you. They can be a great help, but it’s up to the parent to get involved in making sure, “what’s  supposed to happen, happens”
  3. Enlist the services of The Underground Recruit (UGR). There are tons of services that over-promise and under-deliver. Seldom do you find a service like UGR that honestly cares and shows it with superior service…at a fraction of the cost of others.

As I said, it’s a team effort with you as a parent, your son’s coaches and the recruiting service you select. Great things can happen if you ALL work together. We got into the process late but with the help of UGR, I’m pleased to say that Marshall has the opportunity of a lifetime heading to Penn State for a great education and to join a legendary football program.  I’m not one to write many recommendations, but I was so pleased with the influence, effort and follow-up of UGR that writing this short note was, just like selecting them, a “no brainer”.                                                                               ATHLETE:  Class of 2014 OL Marshall Lefferts of Dallas Episcopal HS (TX) committed to Penn State

Andrew McClelland and Coach William NelomsPARENT TESTIMONIAL: JEFF MCCLELLAND  5/8/14

I write this recommendation with great ease, passion and joy. My son, Andrew McClelland, decided to transfer from the University of Miami after this year, his freshman year. He’s a DB/S out of Salesianum HS, in Wilmington DE, and realized his best opportunity to play, sooner than later, was to transfer. As my son heads home today from Miami I wanted to write and make sure you know how pleased we were with our experience. I was fortunate to have met Coach William Neloms III of UGR, and a well known SoFl High School coach. Will knew that I, as a parent, was in uncharted waters and concerned for my son. He offered to work with Andrew after he requested his release. From the time he met my son, he was “all in”. He coached him on technique, pushed him to bring his raw talent to the forefront and “get him right” and prepared for transferring to another program. I, meanwhile was worried where that interest would come from. That’s what “Dad’s do”. He kept reassuring me and updating me on Andrew’s progress as he navigated through his private workouts and improved. Coach Will became a trusted friend and voice. He was straight with me and straight with Andrew. Most importantly, his first question was, “how are his grades?” Andrew is a 3.5 GPA student for the fall semester and hammered home to Andrew the importance of “keep your grades as your top priority, it will make it easier for prospective coaches”. His workouts were all about technique and conditioning and Andrew embraced Coach Will’s teaching along with Will’s trusted Coaching assistant, Yamari Dixon. While all of the talent coaching has been key, what happened, most importantly, is that Coach Will got in my son’s head and counseled him on confidence, doing all the right things expected of a college athlete and hammered home to him that he had “it” and would land somewhere great. As a result, Andrew has, as of now, 8 D1AA and a few top D2’s schools interested and conversations taking place. Will has become a trusted friend, is a real pro when it comes to coaching and most importantly knows how to inspire both an athlete and parent to “believe” and allow for a student athlete to reach their potential and realize their dream of playing college football. “Coach” Will looked at my son and has helped to mold him into an athlete that will play and succeed next year and into the future. We not only were blessed to have had Will on our side, we gained an advocate for our son who will remain in his life forever. Thanks Coach Will.
  ATHLETE:  Class of 2014 DB Andrew McClelland of Salesianum HS (DE) commitment to Shippensburg University
Shane Dillon

We would like to take the time to thank The Underground Recruit for all that they have done to help us. Our son, Shane Dillon, was previously a quarterback recruit in the class of 2012, and signed with the Colorado Buffaloes. After one long year of soul-searching, Shane realized that he made a mistake in choosing football for his college path. He decided that he would not be returning to The University of Colorado, but would instead be heading home to play basketball at a local junior college.

Shane spent this past season playing for the Cuyamaca Coyotes, and towards the end of the season, we contacted Underground Recruit. We knew Kenneth Grover and Monica Thomas, and we knew that they had experience in helping athletes. We also knew that based on their knowledge of the recruiting process, their determination, their smarts and their friendly personalities, that they would have the ability to help our son reach his goal of playing college basketball.

Shortly after contacting them, Shane began receiving phone calls. They had been at a recent conference and had the opportunity at that conference to speak with a few coaches. The ball started rolling, and Shane began to see that some opportunities were beginning to take shape.

The Underground Recruit is dedicated to helping athletes, and their parents, to make sense of the whole recruiting process. It is so important to have someone on your side during this process, and I can say this for certain after going through this twice with our son. It is imperative to have an outside perspective, and to know that someone who cares about your child is working to help your family. It is equally as important to have someone there to help you and your child weigh the pros and cons of each opportunity, and at the same time to keep emotions in check.

Thank you again! We couldn’t have done it without you.       ATHLETE:  JUCO TRANSFER DB Shane Dillon of Cuyamaca CC (CA) committed to Metropolitan State University (CO)

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