10-important-contact-center-statistics-for-2015Time has FLOWN BY and you guys are now the BRIGHT, FUTURE STARS ON DECK!  Your senior year is coming up and now everything you do will be come critical, almost like a job.  GRADES MATTER! TEST SCORES MATTER! WHO YOU NETWORK WITH MATTERS!  So for you…this will be your home for finding your way thru the recruiting process and making your way to a college home.  What you can look forward to are school visits, spring ball, a heavy college camp season, and SAT/ACT testing.  Let’s get started!  First topic will be questions to ask when you are on an unofficial/official visit.


Staying informed throughout the recruiting process is not always an easy thing.  Sometimes the only way to “know what you don’t know” is to ask the right questions.  When taking an unofficial or official visit, this is your chance to get as many questions answered as possible to be able to make the best decisions as well as plan.  Here are some questions that you may want answered to help give you an idea of what the school will expect of you and your athlete:

If you are speaking to a position coach – 

  • How many athletes do you carry in my position?
  • How many athletes are you looking to bring in in this recruiting class?
  • Do you traditionally give freshman the chance to compete for playing time their first year? Or do you prefer they use their first year on campus as development and adjustment period?
  • What should your recruits be doing during their offseason to get ready to come into your program?
  • What is a good size (weight) for an athlete to come in at to compete?

If you are speaking to a head coach – 

  • How much communication would you feel is good coming from a recruit?
  • What is the best form of communication? Email, text, or phone calls?
  • What is your expectation of a recruit throughout the recruiting process?

If you are speaking to an academic adviser or admissions representative –

  • What are the minimum test scores needed to apply for the school?  Are they different than the NCAA/NAIA minimum?
  • Do you require more/additional classes to apply to the school?
  • Will you need additional transcripts?  Do they need to be official?
  • Is there a housing deposit?
  • Would there be additional fees that would need to be paid prior to coming into the school should we receive an official offer and sign?

Note: If this is an official visit you may want to find out ahead of time what accommodations you will be responsible for while you are on the visit (food, flight, hotel, etc).  The school will usually pay for everything associated with the athlete but may be limited on what they can pay for for any family members coming.

Happy Recruiting!

CAMP SEASON – posted 2/23/14

This is now the BREAD AND BUTTER time for the Class of 2015!  Camp season is the bread and your final in season will be the butter.  For those that have interest, college camps will validate why you have the interest as long as you perform well and consistently.  Do NOT go into a camp unprepared.  Because you are going into your senior season, a low 40 time (depending on position), missed catches, dropped balls, or getting pushed around being “too light” will stick in a coaches mind and possible create doubt about “the hype” around you.  What the industry experts call “exposing yourself”.

If you are looking to get noticed you need to out perform those athletes that the coaches have been waiting to see and you may be standing next to in line.  It’s your job to make them remember you by the time you leave that camp.  If you do not test well then you will need to WOW them during drills, 1 on 1s, and 7 on 7 portions of the camp.  Come with a game plan which includes getting evaluated by an S&C trainer as well as a positional trainer.  Know what your stats are in the 40, pro shuttle, vertical and broad jump.  Not knowing where you are with these drills as a rising senior could be your downfall.  College camps will be your priority, with commercial camps being secondary.  To know the difference go to our KNOWING THE TERMS page. Go get’em and HAPPY RECRUITING!

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