Last week I was asked by a student athlete after I talked to some parents about Recruiting Cards, a product offered by USN, about other tools to help with the process. He comes up to me and said “Coach, since you do recruiting can you tell me what college coaches really look for?  I was told I will never play D1 ball because I am only 5’8/159 and my 40 time is only a 4.6.”

I said it is size, but size isn’t everything. It is also speed, but speed isn’t everything.  Yes, it’s strength and again strength isn’t everything. A few years ago, the SMU Strength Coach told me it’s not if your fast it’s do you play fast.  It’s not how tall you are but do you play tall.  Not how strong you are but do you play strong. In coaching & recruiting it’s called the eye test. I can start naming past and current NFL greats that were undersized, ran slow or didn’t bench the most. Many have Super Bowl Rings, played 7 plus years in the NFL and went to two or three Pro Bowls.

I have been around many coaches and recruiters over the year and I always ask the recruiting coach hey what does your Head Coach look for in a player. Some say the best athlete we can others say no one under this size or slower than. But I would say 75% across all divisions of college football say in some form or fashion these 5 things are what most coaches say make a student athlete stand out.

1) PATIENCE to see the field to see your opponent line up. Already your starting to become a better player. The patience to get to your best point to attack the ball or player. All this just takes a few seconds, the ball is snapped and just like a concert your natural talent and all that your coaches have coached you up on along with your football knowledge from playing this game since almost before you could walk. All these intangibles start to work in unison. That is what makes you look recruit able.

2) PASSIONATE about the game, your team and your team mates. This also makes you stand out from what one coach said they call “space junk”. Passionate about putting in the work!

3) REALIZE (stay with me here) coaches want to know you grasp it, get it, understand it! What is it? It’s everything football. It’s everything that comes with being a student athlete.  It’s about executing and caring yourself in a way that won’t embarrass the University. Treat women with respect, being coach able, keeping your social media clean and no drugs.

4) DON’T COMPARE not to other athletes or anyone else’s recruiting process. Be your own person, be the student athlete that isn’t like anyone else. Always remember “every student athlete’s journey is different”

5) NO CONTROL ISSUES. This means you’re able to focus on the things you can control and not let the things you can’t control distract you. You control your grades, being where you are supposed to be and at the time you’re supposed to be somewhere. Control your emotions, your social media and who you associate with.

Look, at the end of the day you’re a DB, your 5’8 and you run a 4.6 +. I am not saying it won’t be an uphill battle, because it will. At the same time, you need to realize anything worth having isn’t easy to get and you’re going to have to work for it.

Keep your perspective open so you see everything from where you are.

They call me Coach. Reach to me on twitter @curiouseyes007 or to Monica @mo88Underground (An expert on what your HUDL should look like) or our main twitter @u_sportsnetwork

Were the place parents and student athletes and many High School Coaches go when they want their information straight and with no BS.


Kenneth W Grover

Recruiter / Photographer / Championship Ring Source

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