When Training Creates An Industry

If you are judged by the company you keep then we are GOLDEN.  Years of being in the sports business has given us the chance to work with some amazing industry leaders during different parts of their own journey.  So, it is only right that, with their permission, we take the time to share the knowledge and experience they bring to the table to help our readers achieve their own goals. First up DAVID ROBINSON.

David Robinson, owner of DROBALWAYSOPEN and co-owner of QUICK TWITCH TRAINING, is an entrepreneur that has taken his love for athletic and positional training from grassroots to working with some of the most notable wide receivers in the business at all levels (Emmanuel Saunders/DEN, Antonio Brown/PIT, Brice Butler/DAL, Sterling Shepard/NY, Jordan Reed/WAS to name a few.)  His work ethic is unmatched and his character stays very humble.  After knowing him for 7+ years he’s still just as approachable as the first day we started training with him on the middle school grass field.  Positional training was almost non-existent in the area when we first met.  His message has never changed, GET. TO. WORK.


What was your position in high school?

Primary position was Wide Receiver.  I was also on the kick return and the punt return squads.

Do you have experience playing both sides of the ball?

I did.  Whatever my team need I played.

How did recruiting go for you in high school (highly recruited, minimal offers, no offers, etc?)

My recruiting was minimal.  I had 12 offers going into my college years.

What did you feel were your biggest strengths in high school?

My biggest strengths were my speed, elusiveness, quick change of direction and I was dangerous with the ball in my hands.

Did you have an opportunity to work with a trainer in high school?

No.  At that time, you really had to train yourself.


Where did you start your college career?

I started my college career at Oklahoma, play WR/KR/PR

How was your college experience?

I had a great college experience.  I learned a lot and met many people that have become lifelong friends.

Did you get your shot at the NFL?

I did.  I got my shot with the Buffalo Bills.


What are the 3 top things a high school wide receiver should focus on in their development?

  1. Route running
  2. Hand eye coordination
  3. Footwork

As a trainer what mistakes do you see athletes making today?

Getting comfortable after they taste success.

What mistakes do you see parents making when it comes to getting training for their athlete?

They start getting their kids training when it’s too late.

Should an athlete still work with a trainer outside of their school program in season?


Training from a high school level all the way to the NFL what do you find is the most difficult transition an athlete must make?

Staying focused on your craft, grind and not lose your edge and confidence mentally when adversity hits.

As an athlete that went back to complete your degree, what has your education meant to you as a trainer?

It has meant everything.  It sets a standard for my athletes to let them know that they are more than football.

What is one thing you would like young athletes to remember during their journey?

Work hard, stay resilient and never give up on anything.

Coach Robinson’s latest venture includes developing an online training app for wide receivers wanting to improve their position skills on their own schedule.  So if you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area and are looking to increase your skill set or need a study option that you can reference easily check out David Robinson at his website!

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