This is one of the most asked questions when your senior season starts. The first thing I always ask is “what have you done to be noticed by a school? Most of the time I get “well my coach, or my mother or father are doing this and sometimes I get I did some camps.”

Student athletes please understand scholarships aren’t candy and they aren’t handed out like football season is Halloween either. It takes work to be seen not by a small sampling of schools but by getting yourself out there to a broad range of schools.  It means being right academically both with your GPA as well as your testing (ACT & SAT). It means setting aside time to learn about the schools you might be interested in.

How do I do this? Well don’t wait for others to do what you should be doing yourself. Reach out to schools and coaches. Open your mind on where you go to school both division as well as geographically.

FILM: get it out to schools but understand what they are looking for. HUDL can be a great tool as well as a bad one when you don’t have the right plays to show the coach.

To learn about recruiting tips, to dos and not to dos. Subscribe to free recruiting websites. There are many to choose from.  www.theundergroundrecruit.com is mine, is free and has great informational articles about recruiting.

Don’t worry about others you camped with or the guy next to you on the field. Worry about you. The minute you say, “I am a better player than him or I had a better camp than that guy and they got offers” is when than you just answered your own question you’re not ready to be recruited. Put together a recruiting plan and follow up on it. Make a list of schools.  Locate coaches’ contact information and follow up every two weeks. Twitter and texting is the most common used recruiting tool coaches like to use.

Last get to schools on unofficial visits. Contact the football office tell them you would like to visit the school and football program. They will in most cases offer you a game invite and set time aside to see the program from the inside.

As a recruiter, I will tell you it takes work and a lot of it. Most student athletes don’t know where their talent level really is and what coaches look for. So clearing your mind, understand you most likely will not go D1 and getting yourself out there so many coaches at all levels will see you. Know and understand the different types of scholarships and how they are funded. Believe me many schools football programs offer no scholarship $$ so your grades and test scores become very important for academic scholarship money. The biggest take away from this is please football should be plan B and a degree plan A. Use football as the tool to get the degree.  KEN THE RECRUITING GURUken

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