Academics is the special team of recruiting!!!

It’s the little things that can make the biggest difference in a football game. The same goes for recruiting. If you don’t watch it, you will be out of football for some very small item you could have taken care of if you gave it the same attention as the big things.

So, let’s look at special teams, the kicking game. It is more than kicking or punting the ball. Yes, it is important to kick the ball away from the good returner and to get as much hang time as possible, but it is also about speed and down the field coverage. You need both to be complete.

So, our academic kicking game is knowing all the classes we need to take so we can graduate. It’s also knowing when your core classes need to be completed and what your overall GPA needs to be to achieve the NCAA minimum requirement.  

Now we have the return team. This team is about protecting the return man and blocking for him. The returner needs to trust in his blockers and have the patience to follow them until he makes his move.

So, our academic return man knows that you can’t do it all in one year. He knows that it takes all four years to build his solid academic profile. Looking at each year and building on it for the next year. He has the patience to make sure every item that gets a graded on is accounted for and that he uses all his time to achieve the best possible grade he can.

Now were kicking extra points and we need our line to hold up so the place holder can get the laces out and the kicker can kick the ball through the uprights.

Making sure we have taken our ACT or SAT and knowing we can keep taking it until we get the score that will work for us. There is a lot to taking the test. Just as our line blocks so we can kick the extra point we need to use our blockers TIME to allow us to study and prepare to take the test.

 We need our laces out to make sure the ball travels the way we want. That is the same as getting a good night’s sleep the night before the test. Than good follow through Make sure you have fresh batteries in your calculator and take a snack with you. Water peppermint candy or fruit to keep you alert while taking the test.

All this equals good special team coaching and execution and will ensure you don’t miss the little things.

– Ken The Recruiting Guru –

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