Over offering just might be…


Why is my athlete getting interest from a college but they haven’t pulled the “offer trigger?”  Recruiting is a process for not only you as the athlete but for the college program as well.  A program’s first priority is to fill any holes they may have on their depth chart.  Players graduate, transfer, get injured, or fall out due to grades so coaches have to be ready to have a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string ready to play.  In order to do this a recruiting coach is usually looking for a minimum of 3 opportunities in an athlete:


  • Can you contribute to the program right now?
  • Are you an athlete that can be developed down the road?
  • Will you be a strong athlete for the program but be developed at another position?


If a program feels that you fit opportunity number 1 then they will offer you.  Usually as an early, verbal offer that is only a promise until a NLI or financial aid package has been signed.  Programs that are putting out early offers (mostly DI and DIAA) know they may not get everyone they are recruiting and must put out more than they technically have offers for so they are not caught empty and scrambling too late. Early offer programs then must manage those spaces from August until February (National Signing Day.)  Once many of the athletes have committed (the first round) a program will then go back to their list to see who they have on radar and can offer “next up.”  So when that coach or recruiter is sending emails, texting, trying to keep communication open but has not offered a scholarship this is something to think about.

-Mo The Sports Chick-

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