64. 63. 64.

You might think these are some numbers a QB would call out just before the ball is snapped and you could be right, but, at Krum High School they are the heights of three very talented football players.

These boys, 6’3/180 WR Justus Martinez, 6’4/220 DE Raymond Barrington and 6’4/286 DT Everett Gunnoe, are who we call THE BIG THREE. All three of these student athletes have many college football programs watching their every move. Even though they came to Krum from different places their goal is the same.  To come together on Friday nights and play like they have been together for years. Currently at the time this was written Krum has rolled out to 2 – 0 and outscored its opponents 65 to 0. With all three of these student athletes leading the way by either playing more than one position or dominating the one they play. They bring strong senior leadership and a chip of unfinished business left from last year.

Off the field these student athletes are some of the finest kids you have ever met. All have strong family ties and good small town values. When not in school you will find them studying, working, hunting or hanging out with their football buddies. As UGR interviewed the boys they all talked about colleges needing to spend more time recruiting kids from 3A and 4A schools. All three of these student athletes competed in various football combines or camps throughout the summer and more than held their own. The Blue Grey combine came to Dallas in April and after touring the country came back to Dallas to hold its super combine, an event so big it has to be held in At&T Stadium home of the Dallas Cowboys. It is made up of almost 200 student athletes from across the country that had already competed in their home state. When the dust settled Krum had three student athletes that were selected as Blue Grey All Americans. To my knowledge this was the first time ever three from the same school were ever chosen.

So when you’re out and looking for something to do on a Friday night head to Krum High School settle in with some food or a cup of hot chocolate sit back and watch these three student athlete’s show you what playing football with true passion looks like.

-Ken The Recruiting Guru-

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