A True Opponent Menace, Meet Devyn Coleman!

Meet class of 2016 CB/WR Devyn Coleman of Flower Mound H.S, Flower Mound Texas.
At 6’0 175 Devyn is a menace to offenses/defenses in class 6A. Devyn has deceptive speed and long arms to really disrupts his opponents. On Devyn’s film you will see his field vision and come from behind speed. Devyn seem to just be where the ball is and always making score saving plays.  When talking to Devyn’s coaches they all say how coachable he is and they talk about the excitement he brings to the team and what a leader he is in the locker room. Devyn also plays a very big part on special teams.

Off the field Devyn is a good student with a 2.7 GPA and he scored a 24 on his ACT. Devyn leads by example working in the community on various service projects and comes from a good family. One thing everyone who meets Devyn tells me is he would be a great student athlete for any school. Coaches please use the information below to reach out to Devyn and learn more about this student athlete.  Please find Devyn’s film and contact information below.

Devyn Colman can be reached at 972 467 0321 or via twitter @devyncoleman

You can also always reach out to us THE UNDERGROUND RECRUIT at 469 258 9568 for more information on Devyn Coleman or for any other needs you might have.

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