Speed. Speed. Speed. Meet Cedric Whitaker of Midlothian HS!

Cedric (#14) is a true athlete. Fast with great hands along with superior field vision and a quick ability to change direction makes him a threat to score from any play. Cedric can take the ball from any position and make the big play. His low center of gravity makes him hard to tackle if you can catch him. On special teams his hands and speed make him an in valuable. Playing both sides of the ball show how versatile he is and the stamina he has. I hope you like Cedric’s film I think the coaches did a good job playing Cedric to his strengths. His coaches say how coachable off the field he is. As a focused athlete Cedric has 2.71 core and a 3.09 cum. Cedric also scored a 20 right out of the gate on his ACT. Cedric is a leader on the team when it comes to community service.

The one thing that everyone tells me about Cedric is he would make any school proud to call him their student athlete.

I hope you enjoy Cedric’s Hudl and feel free to contact him at 214 735 6992 or via twitter @simply_Cedric


If you have other questions about Cedric, please feel free to call me Kenneth Grover at 469 258 9568.

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