Meet Chance Pierce of Bridgeport High School in Bridgeport Texas!

Chance just hit the 6 foot mark and weighs in at a stout 230. For a DT you might think he is undersize for the position maybe. Than you see him play. Chance is all over the place making play after play saving touchdowns, dropping players for a loss and filling the gap to stop the run. I was watching his film today and words aggressive and consistent come to mind. You can see he is very coachable by the way he plays. Fast as he gets into the backfield and strong so he can make the play. Chance had a 4.6 shuttle time and when you watch Hudl you will see he knows how to use that speed.

In the class room Chance again is aggressive carrying a 3.14 core and a 3.36 cum. Chance took his ACT a few weeks ago and at the time of this write up it was not available and we will resend this as soon as we get it. Chance is a leader on the field in the locker room and in the class. I know you will love the film you are about to watch.

Contacting Chance is easy just call or text to 940 210 8023. Or you can always find him on twitter @chancep22 and if all that doesn’t work there is always email chancepierce63@gmail.com.

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