Meet 2016 WR Hunter Smith (6’4/180) out of Foxcroft Academy Dover, ME

Any coach in America would love to sign a 6’4 WR that has it all. Speed, strength, vertical and a great route runner. Hunter is a leader on the field and in the locker room. Hunter is a solid student carrying a core GPA of 3.36 and a cum GPA of 3.67 he scored 25 on his ACT. Hunter will have no issues transitioning to college and balancing football and academics. Hunter is that kid everyone likes and when you meet him you will know why.

In the off season between his Junior and senior year Hunter like other high school football players hit the camp trails. The difference became clear as Hunter excelled and started to dominate the camps he attended. At the Blue Grey combine it didn’t take long to see Hunter would be invited to the Super combine. These combines are made up of the best athlete’s seen out of almost 8000 student athlete’s the top 800 come together to compete for a spot in the Blue Grey All American Bowl. Hunter was selected unanimously. This makes Hunter Smith the first student athlete to ever be selected and play in the Blue Grey All American Bowl from the State of MAINE.

To top off his summer headed into Hunter’s senior year U MAINE saw what they liked and the first FCS offer was in.

Than in the first game of the season of his senior year Hunter Smith Dislocated his hip ending his senior season. Hunter Smith is doing great he is a head on his rehab and looking forward to Basketball to start yes where he also excels. Football is his passion and Hunter is looking forward to playing in the Blue Grey All American Bowl at Raymond James Stadium on January 9th 2016. This game for Hunter is” see I am ready to go”.  Hunter hopes to reignite his recruiting and let schools that already offered him know he is 100%.

I talked to Gus Bell C.E.O. of Blue Grey Events and he said you don’t come across a player that has all goods like Hunter ever year. Sean Ceglinsky director of player personal and writer for 247 sports said the selection committee used words like play maker, natural instincts the truth.  Hunter’s head coach Dan White told me while Hunter is an outstanding receiver and great route runner his team had needs at QB and Hunter was called on. While talking to Coach White he said every time Hunter has the ball in his hands he was a threat to score so they wanted to put the ball into their playmakers hands right from the first snap. Also in the open field he was almost unstoppable when a seam opens he has that second gear that makes you say wow. Coach White told me Hunter returned from the summer break stronger, faster, and so excited for his chance to shine.  I believe Hunter Smith will shine anywhere he goes the question is what schools will be left saying “I wish we would have offered him”?

Below is Hunter Smiths Junior Highlight

Please feel free to contact Hunters Coach Dan White at (207) 279- 1441


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