ON LOCATION: Raymond James Stadium in Tampa FL 2015

tampa bowl raymond james 32015 in the Chinese culture was stamped as the year of the Goat.  For UGR 2015 was the year of the commando traveler.  Being blessed to work for Blue Grey Football has allowed us to hit 19 states, 14,765.5 total (11,543.3 driving miles 3,222.2 flying miles), 4 of the 9 standard time zones, 7 combines, 3 super combines, 1 bowl game in 7 months.  WHEW!  That’s a lot of ground to cover and it was worth every second we spent on the road.  In this series we will be sharing those trips so you can see what we’re doing when we’re not calling coaches.  First up, Tampa Combine and Blue Grey All American Bowl at Raymond James Stadium in Florida.



Wha20150110_211100t20150110_230219 do you do when you’re ready to take your business to the next level?  You rent a car and hit the road!  Our product is getting scholarships and our audience is sports athletes so it was time to find some kids.  Our first stop was in Tampa FL at Raymond James Stadium (home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) where we got to work with 311 underclassmen in the regional combine and 100 well deserving seniors in the all American bowl game.  Getting to help future, young stars meet and receive invaluable instruction from former NFL stars in a pro stadium created memories we will never forget.  I mean how many can say they were up close and personal with an amazing pirate ship!  Next up, Ventura California!

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