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Screenshot_2015-03-23-09-10-36-1 (1)This year I have seen a QB that has the skill set to play at the next level. Already a proven leader as an athlete and in the classroom as well as his community this kid that could have the biggest head in the state of California and yet he is there to give props to someone else or a group. This athlete has been quoted as saying “It was the great defensive” or “my receivers are so great” or “my head coach calls great plays.” Yes Cort we get that it takes all of that. We all also know the QB position is a lonely place when that pocket doesn’t hold up or the skill of getting the pass just right or making a broken play look designed.

Meet Cort Groathouse #4 QB class of 2015 Lemoore Tigers Lemoore Ca. Cort had the pleasure or curse of having an outstanding running back last year Richard Doctor who stole the headlines and most of the work as his team went 10 and 0 No one heard about Cort or even that the Tigers had a QB. So in the 2014 season no one looked for the Tigers to do much with the loss of Doctor (a Humboldt State commit). So how did Cort Groathouse fare?  Well let’s look at the stats.

Season Yards: 2647

Season TDs: 31

Yards per game: 220.6

Comp: 205  Att: 322  Int: 13

Cort tossed a touchdown every 7 passes. Cort’s stats blew away the national avg.

So why this 6’1 175 QB that lead his team to a great season with outstanding stats in a very very hard league was passed over by so many is mind blowing. I think it is because he is a bubble player. On the edge of either or. Well coaches I watch a lot of college football and evaluate a lot of high school football players. I really don’t believe there is a D1AA or D2 school’s football program Cort couldn’t lead.

Below is Cort’s highlight link and contact info. Please feel free to contact The Underground Recruit at undergroundrecruit@gmail.com if you have any questions about Cort Groathouse or any other of our student athletes.

Contact Cort at 559-816-8410 or on his twitter @cort_erback

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