Versatile MLB/FB 2015 Grant Sandifer

Grant SandiferOver looked, underrated, too small Grant Sandifer has heard it all and yet all this 5’10 190 MLB/FB does is take the field and prove them wrong. Grant is a happy kid off the field but on the football field Grant  turns into this heat seeking guided ball handler’s nightmare!

During his senior season Grant attended a Blue Grey All American combine. While good in testing during the one on one’s he dominated the other student athletes. Even with has average 40 and bench the selection coaches for the super combine (held later in the summer) wanted to see what he could do against better talent. Again Grant stood up and out performed all others in one on one’s.

When it was time for the coaches to choose student athlete’s for the Blue Grey All American Games everyone had offers to power 5 schools. Then there was Grant Sandifer, passed over by most coaches due to his testing numbers a few coaches stood firm. Cosey Coleman, George Teague and Mark McMillian said this cat can play. Let me tell you Grant did not let anyone down. The game ended 7 to 6 and Grant Had many game saving plays.

His film shows his attention to the ball and fearless approach to always attacking and knowing when to let the play come to him. One of his coaches said if he plays fast he is fast and if he plays strong he is strong. He said Grant is football. Great to coach and leads by doing.

In the classroom is the same thing. Grant knows he needs good grades to advance in life and play football. He exceeds over achieves to ensure he gets his. I see 8000+ student athlete’s every year. Grant Sandifer has that ingredient that makes people say wow.  I believe any coach would be proud to have this fine student athlete on their team I know I was.  Grant Sandifer can be reached at the following contacts under his highlight link.

Grant Sandifer of Southern Boone HS, Hartsburg MO.

  • 5’10
  • MLB/FB
  • 190
  • Email: chiefslover@gmail.com
  • Twitter: @grantsandifer


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