Every Athlete’s Journey is Different


This is the story of two very unique student athletes. It was Super Bowl Sunday February 5th 2012, one of the biggest events in the United States. Every kid in America is in the yard arguing who will be Manning and who will be Brady, but, over in England two young boys are about to have a life changing event. Not knowing each other, Tunde Akindele of London England and Orlando Victor of Bristol England were both settling in to watch the Super Bowl. The game was so emotional, exciting, drama filled, exhilarating and captivating they were hooked. In England there is no American football and Tunde has this burning desire to learn and play this sport and it doesn’t exist. Than when talking to his sister who lives in Hampton England about two hours away he finds out there they have club ball. So off to live with his sister and learn the game and go to High School there. Tunde got real good and found out over in Bristol England there was a High School that also has an American football team. So off to Bristol Tunde went and his parents put him in an Apartment again 2 and ½ hours from Mom & Dad. So Tunde went off to SGS High School and was playing for the Bristol Pride where he developed into an outstanding running back and at the same time caring a 3.8 GPA. Tunde then came to the United States and attended El Paso Prep Football Academy the Bandits. Here Tunde was a starting running back as well as plays Safety and Linebacker. Tunde is very athletic and very coachable. Tunde is a team player.

Footnote’s on Tunde Akindele, FBU took notice and invited him to their TOP GUN showcase in Dec 2013 in Ohio. While there was invited to visit unofficially visit Dartmouth, Worstor and UIW. From there he was selected to play for the all Europe team at UTSA in Jan 2014. Tunde was so impressive that he has been selected to play in The Blue Grey All American Bowl witch will be played on Jan 10th 2015 at Raymond James Stadium home of the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This game will be nationally televised. Currently Tunde Akindele has Chaney University, Wagner and Georgetown all looking at him.

Then there was Orlando Victor a 6’4 OL beast currently living in Bristol and playing Rugby at SGS High School. Orlando’s Rugby coach told the American Football coach about Orlando and his skills and that was that. Orlando opened holes, protected the QB and displayed and advance learning curve for such a new athlete to the sport of American Football. Orlando also came to the United States to attend El Paso Prep Football Academy (EPPFA). While there Orlando now also learned the Dline and seems to be enjoying sacking the QB and disrupting the passing game with his long frame and arms. Talking to the coach at EPPFA he was very impressed with his play and the way he carried himself being so young and far from home.

Foot Note:  on Orlando Victor, George Teague former Dallas Cowboy called Orlando a TRUE FOOTBALL BEAST a MUST HAVE PLAYER. Orlando also selected to The Blue Grey All American Bowl witch will be played on Jan 10th 2015 at Raymond James Stadium home of the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This game will be nationally televised. Orlando’s coach at EPPFA called him the most versatile and interchangeable athlete he has coached. Orlando Victor is being looked at by Ball State, Kenshaw State, Nevada, UM and UTSA

Both Tunde and Orlando will be returning to the UK in Dec before coming back to play in the Blue Grey All American Bowl in the first part of January 2015. If you would like film for these two student athlete’s their links are posted below along with their Twitter address. Or you can email undergroundrecruit@gmail.com

Tunde Akindele 5’11 185 contact Tunde on Twitter @MACHo5


Orlando Victor 6’4 315 contact Orlando on Twitter @OJVictor74


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