Can lack of “fan love” be a deal breaker for recruits?  Sound strange?  I would’ve thought so too but with the increased access to recruits thru Facebook and Twitter, the thrill of possibly influencing or staying connected to the next best college playmaker is too hard to resist for some fans.

Because of this, a short lived power has emerged for recruits.  The race to boost their Twitter stock (Facebook is slowly losing the race on this one) by gaining or challenging fans from potential recruiting colleges has become huge.  Recruits are playing fans against each other by saying things like “college A fans need to follow me or else” or “college A has better fans than college B”, hoping that the bait is just enough to send their fan base soaring.  Sort of bragging rights I guess.  Most of it is in fun and not taken so seriously, or is it?  Is the no love or little love from a college fan base a deal breaker for a potential recruit?

A recruit’s deal breaker list of things can range from how close are they to home to playing time when they are choosing a college.  Is a new list item becoming fan love?  After a decision was made to commit to a college against parents’ wishes, it was quoted that the recruit’s name broke a trending record of 9k+ tweets within a short amount time.  I would’ve been curious to see how quickly his twitter followers increased because of this publicity.  How much of this recruit’s decision came from fan support?  Twitter trending, fan site mentioning, and Facebook shout outs can give a recruit such a special feeling it may cloud their judgment, assuming that the Twitter pats on the back will always be there and be nice.

Recruits please remember that what you ask for on a high note will be there on a low note as well.  Fans can be fun, exciting and supportive when things are good but when things are bad some can be critical, judgmental, and harsh.  They love their school and will defend it to the end.  If you aren’t what they think it needs, they will let you know.  Make sure you hold onto the things that are important to you and not the things that someone else tells you are important.  Always remember this is a business.  YOUR business.

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